Foreigner – marriage in Poland


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Foreigner’s wedding in Poland

Can a foreigner get married in Poland with Polish citizen?

Of course! Moreover, a foreigner may also marry another foreigner in Poland.

How should you start preparation for the wedding?




Get a certificate confirming your legal capacity to conclude a marriage

First of all, find out whether your country of origin issues certificates confirming the capacity to marry.


Unfortunately, many countries do not issue such documents.*


To find out how it is in your case, contact the embassy or consulate of your country of origin operating in Poland.


*If the state of which you are a citizen does not issue such certificates, you will have to apply for an exemption from the obligation to submit this document to a court in Poland. Unfortunately, this procedure takes quite a long time (at least half a year).


Prepare other necessary documents

Collect the necessary civil status records and prepare identity documents.


Your partner from Poland needs a valid Polish document, you need a passport. Prepare also your birth certificates (a foreigner with a sworn translation into Polish).


If either of you has already been married, you should prepare a divorce decree with a finality clause (with a sworn translation).

You need originals of all documents.


Visit the Civil Registry Office and book a wedding date

You can choose the wedding date no earlier than 6 months before the date of the planned wedding.


Dates are running out fast, so don’t delay in booking! You don’t have to do it in person – e.g. if you don’t live in Poland, an attorney can do it on your behalf.


You can choose whether the wedding will take place in the Registry Office or, for example, in the wedding hall. The second option costs additional  1000 PLN.



Submit a certificate of no impediment to marriage

Before the ceremony (at least 1 month before), the bride and groom must appear at the Registry Office to submit the so-called a “certificate of no impediment to marriage”.


It is about confirming by the future spouses that they are not aware of any obstacles that would prevent them from concluding a marriage in accordance with Polish law.


A person who does not speak Polish must come with a translator (it can be anyone, it does not have to be a sworn translator).


It’s time to celebrate!

After completing all the formalities listed above, you are ready to get married!


During the ceremony, you will also need an interpreter if you are not fluent in Polish – the entire ceremony will have to be translated into your native language for you.


Also, don’t forget to bring your ID documents.

Written by:

Natalia Szabatowska

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