Natalia Szabatowska


Immigration law, legal services for foreigners, criminal law


correspondence address

ul. Przy Rondzie 53/5, 31-547 Kraków


What do I do professionally?

As a lawyer, I provide comprehensive legal services for foreigners and specialize in immigration law. 

My second specialization is criminal law.

I graduated from Jagiellonian University in Cracow. I finished advocate training and I’m signed up for the advocate’s list kept by the District Bar Association in Cracow. I’m a certified mediator since 2021 (finished course led by Mediation Centre – Supreme Bar Association).

What are my values ​​at work?

I primarily focus on identifying clients’ needs and taking care of their interests in the best possible way. I build cooperation with the client through openness, mutual trust, and understanding.

What do I like about my job?

Helping others, transferring knowledge, and talking.


In the past, I used to help – by participating in a number of social campaigns and charity activities,

I transferred knowledge – by conducting classes for students and giving private lessons,

I was speaking – by taking part in oratory competitions and presenting myself at conferences.


Now, I try to take advantage of this experience in my work as an advocate. I listen, but I also explain and ask questions while trying to find out what the client’s needs are and what the client wants to achieve. Then I look for possible ways to achieve this goal.


I always offer 100% commitment to the cause. I believe that cooperation with a lawyer is a relationship that requires constant conversation and constant initiative from both parties.

What do I do in my private life?

I’m a sports lover (doing partner acrobatics and calisthenics, spending a lot of time upside down). I’m also a food lover who likes both – cooking and eating.

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