How to describe the legal case when you come to a lawyer?


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How to describe the problem with which you come to the lawyer?

If you are wondering where to start, how to gather your thoughts and how to describe your case to the lawyer – this article is for you!


  1. Specify the field of law.
  2. Present the story and identify the problem.
  3. Specify what you want.
  4. Attach documents.


Specify the field of law

Try to specify in general terms what area of ​​law the case concerns – whether it is a civil case, criminal proceedings or maybe your case have an economic bases?


You can safely use the plain language without legal terms – e.g. writing that it is about a ticket, about the regulations of an online store, about legalising your stay.


Make it as detailed as you can.


Present the story and identify the problem

Try to describe what happened in details.

You can start by an example:

“I received the governor’s decision and I want to appeal.”
“I was called to the police for questioning, I don’t know what to do.”
“I want to run a business and I don’t know where to start.”

If it is a slightly longer story, try to present it chronologically, use dates.
If you are able to highlight individual aspects of the case – divide your description into points.


Specify what you want

Specify what you expect from an attorney.

  • Would you like a lawyer to prepare a lawsuit on your behalf and represent you throughout the proceedings?
  • Just need some initial legal advice?
  • Do you want a lawyer to accompany you during the interrogation at the police or in the public office?
  • Do you need permanent legal services?
  • Or maybe you expect some document (contract/regulations) to be drafted?
  • Or is it something completely different?


Also specify how you want to start cooperation.

  • Want to meet live?
  • Do you want to conduct a telephone consultation?
  • Or maybe an online meeting?


Specify when you would like to meet. What is your time availability per day/week.


Attach documents

Attach documents related to the case – preferably scans, possibly photos (then remember about their good quality).


Describe the attachments. If there are more, properly catalog them in folders and send a link to download them (from Google Drive or, for example, using WeTranfser).


Remember that at the beginning it’s about sending only the most important attachments – so don’t send hundreds of photos, but focus on those scans / photos that are most important.

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