polish citizenship how to obtain

How to obtain Polish citizenship?

Confirmation of Polish citizenship, recognition as a Polish citizenship or granting Polish citizenship?

Each of those procedures addresses different situations and requires different conditions.

Find out how those proceedings look like and check if you qualify!



Confirmation of the Polish citizenship

This procedure is aimed at confirming the citizenship you already have, which you could have acquired from your ancestors (as a result of inheritance), but currently you do not have a document directly indicating that you are a Polish citizen.


In the course of the proceedings, you will have to prove (by presenting relevant documents) that your ancestors had Polish citizenship (e.g. grandfather) and you acquired it as a result of inheritance (e.g. that your mother acquired it, and then you).


You might not be able to confirm your Polish citizenship e.g. because of the loss of Polish citizenship by one of your ascendants (before you were born). There are a number of regulations that define cases of loss of citizenship – it may have occurred in the past, for example, as a result of joining a foreign army or by acquiring foreign citizenship.


In order to determine whether there is a chance to confirm your Polish citizenship, you should carefully examine the life history of your ancestors and analyze the legal regulations regarding citizenship in force during their lifetime. It is also necessary to refer to international agreements, which often regulate the issues of avoiding dual citizenship.


Recognition as a Polish citizen

This procedure applies to persons who stay in Poland on the basis of long-term residence (permanent residence/residence of a long-term EU resident) continuously for a specified period of time and meet additional requirements, such as e.g. knowledge of the Polish language.

The proceedings mainly concern persons who have had a long-term stay in Poland due to:

  • marriage to a citizen of the Republic of Poland,
  • held Pole’s Card or
  • Polish roots.


As a rule, foreigners with a legalized long-term stay in Poland on the basis of other circumstances may also apply for recognition as a Polish citizen, but they must prove that they have been staying in Poland for a period of 10 years.


Find out more here.


Granting Polish citizenship by the President of the Republic of Poland

This procedure is designed for those who do not qualify for the previous procedures.


Citizenship is granted by the President of the Republic of Poland. His decision is discretionary, which means that there are no rigid conditions that must be met.

However, you should certainly demonstrate your relationship with Poland and Polishness, present your professional achievements, describe your social or political activities, and specify the level of knowledge of the Polish language.

This decision is not reasoned (there is no justification) and you cannot appeal against it.


What application should be filled out?

You submit an application for recognition as a Polish citizen as well as an application for confirmation of Polish citizenship to the Voivode competent for your place of residence. The same applies to granting citizenship – although the application is recognized by the President of the Republic of Poland, it is submitted through the voivode.


The application for recognition as a Polish citizen must be submitted personally by the foreigner! (personal presence is required)


The application for confirmation of Polish citizenship can be sent by post, but then it is necessary to notarize the signature and all documents. It can also be submitted in person at the consulate abroad.


The application for confirmation of citizenship can be sent by correspondence or submitted in person.


Download application forms here:

Confirmation of Polish citizenship – application

Recognition as a Polish citizenship – application

Granting Polish citizenship – application


How much does it costs? How long will you wait for a decision?

The administrative fee for the application:

  • confirmation of citizenship – 58 PLN
  • recognition as a citizen of the Republic of Poland – 219 PLN
    granting citizenship by the President – no stamp duty


You will wait for a decision at least one month (with recognition and confirmation), but in reality this is unlikely to happen. Realistically, in the case of confirmation, if you submit all the necessary documents at once, it is at least 2 months, and in the case of recognition as a citizen – about 4-6 months.

In the case of granting citizenship by the President, the procedure takes about a year, sometimes a year and a half, and in the best cases about 8 months.

Written by:

Natalia Szabatowska

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